My 6 Point Plan for Fairford, Lechlade & the Villages

Fairford, Lechlade and the Villages are a wonderful place to live. I will work hard to ensure we keep it that way by:

  1. Protecting our community from inappropriate housing developments - We have done our fair share of new houses. I will oppose any further inappropriate housing developments.
  2. Cutting crime - Our communities have been abandoned by the Police Commissioner, prioritising Gloucester and Cheltenham. I will campaign to bring the Government’s new police officers here to make our communities safe again.
  3. Recovering from Covid - It has never been more important to support our local market towns and businesses as we recover from Covid together.
  4. Cutting speed, saving lives – Our speed limits and safety lighting have not kept up with our growing communities. I will push through extensions to speed limits and safety lighting.
  5. Repairing our roads - I will ensure that we continue to get our fair share of resources from the County Council’s £150m investment in Gloucestershire’s roads.
  6. Boosting Broadband – Fast internet is essential to run our homes and businesses.  Whilst ‘Fastershire’ has delivered better connections to so many, I will work tirelessly to reach communities that still need better Broadband speeds.