Dom Morris puts Exeter first and opposes reductions to bus services

Dom Morris, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Exeter, is opposing the proposed Devon County Councils reductions in transport funding, labelling them “counterproductive” for our City.

A central part of Dom's campaign has been his #TellDom survey dropped to every voter in the City. From the thousands of responses Dom developed a 6 point plan for Exeter entitled 'Making Exeter Extraordinary'.

Protecting key services and improving Exeter's transport system are at the heart of Dom’s' 6 point plan for Exeter – promises he considers would be inconsistent with supporting the possible reduction in bus services detailed in the County Council consultations. Several key Exeter routes would be affected by the efficiency-savings, including the T route to Topsham and the P route between Cowick and Pennsylvania.

“One of the biggest challenges we face in Exeter” says Dom “is our congested transport system choking off our impressive growth”. Under a Conservative-led government Exeter is booming, unemployment is down by 58%, businesses are relocating here, jobs are being created but our infrastructure is creaking.

“One thing which must be encouraged is the use of public transport. In the future we may need to look at more radical solutions, but counterproductive reductions to existing services are not the right way to encourage change. If routes have become untenable then I understand why changes would be made, but several of the routes selected are popular and would be a great loss to Exeter’s public transport picture”.

Dom recently met with John Hart, Leader of Devon County Council and Mike Watson Managing Director at Stagecoach to make his opposition to the proposed reduction to bus services clear. “I think the Council should explore alternative funding proposals which don’t affect key services in Exeter, particularly those which reduce the strain on our already creaking transport system in the City”. “Fewer buses means even more cars on the road and more vulnerable people without a way to get around. It’s not forward-thinking, it’s not beneficial and ultimately it’s not an efficient saving of taxpayers’ money, so I oppose the proposals and implore DCC to entertain serious alternatives” Dom said.

In concluding, Dom said “My Contract with Exeter commits me to putting our city first, before myself or my party and that is just what I am doing by opposing these reductions to our essential bus services.”