Pete's Pool will drown us all!

Exeter's Conservative Parliamentary candidate Dom Morris has today come out in support of John Harvey, former City Centre Manager, against the Labour Council's £20 million city centre pool proposal.

Dom said: “Since 2010 the Conservative-led government have been clearing up Labour's economic mess.

Nationally our economic recovery has created more jobs than the rest of Europe put together. We have achieved this by making the difficult decisions necessary to balance the books and drive an economic recovery whilst protecting frontline services.

The results in Exeter have seen unemployment fall by 62%.

The Labour City Council have complained viciously about a supposed lack of funds and yet they've managed to find £20million down the back of the sofa to pay for Councillor Pete's Pool. Their sums just don't add up.

Of course we must support anything that brings a boost to the city, but not at such tremendous expense to the taxpayer on the most valuable piece of land in Exeter.

My six point plan for Exeter makes it clear that I will fight to defend frontline services in the city and we can't do that whilst wasting £20 million on a swimming pool.

This is yet another example of Labour's profligacy and an inability to balance their books both nationally and locally. I'd be interested to know what Ed Miliband's current MP for Exeter, Ben Bradshaw's position is on 'Pete's Pool'.