A Seismic Shift in Exeter Politics: Dom Morris welcomes John Harvey to the Exeter Conservatives Team

Following nearly two decades of service to Exeter as City Centre Manager, John Harvey has today announced that he is campaigning to become a Conservative City Councillor for theAlphington Ward.


 In announcing his decision to stand for the Conservative Party in the forthcoming City Council elections he said: "I have a track record of delivering change, renewal and investment at the heart of Exeter for nearly two decades - with record levels of investment delivering new jobs and opportunities for the people of this city. I now want to build on my tireless work for this fantastic city by becoming a member of the City Council and I'm seeking the support of the people of Alphington in the forthcoming elections."


"I believe that Exeter citizens are not being best served by a Labour led administration and that the Conservatives would offer a better deal for the people of this city. Whether it's scrapping proposals for the unaffordable white elephant that is the new swimming pool proposal, using all the tools at our disposal to make the city's streets safer and more welcoming, focussing on weed-free and clean city streets or cutting out unnecessary Council bureaucracy, there's only one choice for the people of this city - to vote Conservative on 7 May." said John Harvey.


John Harvey went on to endorse the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Exeter Dom Morris. He said "Dom’s got an ability to connect with local issues and to get real change as a result of his campaigning. It's important to get more real people elected to Parliament and I know he’d be a great campaigning MP. I very much look forward to the opportunity to work as a campaigning local Councillor alongside Dom as Exeter's MP".

Dom Morris, the Conservative candidate in the General election said:

“The news that John Harvey is not just supporting our Conservative campaign but standing as a Conservative candidate is fabulous. A great champion of the City, John helping us take the fight to Labour marks a sea change in the City's politics as we turn Exeter blue.

John will serve the constituents of Alphington with similar distinction and vision as he has the City. John is an extraordinarily exciting addition to my Real People for Parliament Team, he will help lead the pursuit of my six point plan to make Exeter Extraordinary.